Entry #59 – Beetle Brawl

I’m still alive and well. I don’t know how long I left this blog to dry. But worry not, I still keep on doing what I love which is making art eventhough I have some motivational issues. 

I went to a printmaking workshop just now and we were taught some new ways to print using the woodcut techniques. I have learnt the techniques before but the one that they shown really piqued my interests and I gained a lot from the artists. Thank you all artists from the Pangrok Sulap for the valuable info and I’ll do my best.

Entry #47 – Hercules Beetle

It’s finally rain season .Bought a new mini sketchbook. What else am I going to fill it with other than insects. 

Tiny note here, I might post seldom for now as I’m practicing some cardistry (fancy card tricks)thingy. So I’m kind of occupied by this new hobby. But worry not as I still post drawings and stuffs over here. Thanks for sticking with me. 


Entry #16- Antsy Busy


Theres no other thing in my life that needs to be done other than completing my artworks, so by this month it is expected to be done and by the next is the exhibition.Hopr that my artworks will make it as well as my soul.