Entry #57 – Newbie

Sorry for not updating much my dear readers :3 It seems that I tend to forgot that I own a blog.

So college is already starting again and I feel like it’s a whole lot easier since I already have a firm grasp of things. So for a fresh start I would like to learn something different. I’m trying out digital art and it’s super confusing as hell. Sure there’s no problem in laying out a drawing on the new canvas. But the tricky part for me is where the layering and other black demon dimension magic that needs to take place. Nevertheless, it’s fun to explore something new and I’m actually need to cut some slack on the traditional methods.
For those who are reading my blog (if there are any) I would like to thank you for sticking around and if your new here then you get a welcome and thank you as well you beautiful creature 🙂 I’ll be back soon for more posts. ~ Sai

Entry #54 – Stray 

Today was a bright and sunny day. While I was eating my breakfast this  stray showed up and starts meowing at me. I offered the stray some food and to my surprise the stray has two different eye colours where one is yellow and the other blue.

I looked up on the internet and turns out this cat has complete feline heterochromia, a condition where the iris has a different coloration.
Not everyday do I stumbled upon cats with peculiar eye colors such as this so I thought it’s worth to write about.