Entry #12 – Made Mashed Potatoes

So the water heater did it’s job suprisingly well.Managed to boil the potatoes yes I mean potatoes. . because I found another one :3.With only a pair of chopsticks I mashed those suckers till i get that “mashed-potatoey” consistency.Well the taste is pretty bland so i put some salt to add some flavour to it.I rate this dish a 4/10 :3

Entry #11 – Mid Break

Its the first day of mid sem break and I’m scavenging for something to fill up my tank.Lucky for me I found this strayed potato in my locker.With only a water heater as my tool of preparing ramen noodles,I guess I’ll put that to good use. :3

Entry #9

Its weekend break right now.Having egg toasts and a can of  apple juice.Gotta thank my mom for teaching me such recipe or I’ll be as skinny as an undead just eating instant noodles everyday.